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© TalkingEye Limited 2013 Imagine the peace of mind, being able to see every visitor who comes to your front door, wherever you might be – anywhere in the world. And imagine being able to interrogate them using your security intercom. All from your mobile.  And very, very cost effectively too. That’s just one of the reassuring benefits that Tecomms brings to consumers – the world’s first and only mobile home telecoms monitoring device. Mother lives alone, miles away, and feels vulnerable answering the door late at night You’d like time-stamped pictures of everyone who calls while you’re away from home Dining out and you’d rather talk to visitors at the door, rather than letting the babysitter answer the doorbell With 70% of crime starting at the front door, there are so many compelling reasons for consumers to adopt Tecomms  For the Mobile Operator, Tecomms can be a major driver in persuading consumers to move away from hard-wired communications to wireless technology. Tecomms opens up new revenue streams in home management systems and a proven route into the machine-to-machine marketplace. The Tecomms patented technology is unique in providing voice-to-voice and data communications from the front door to anywhere in the world, over mobile networks.                                                                “Tecomms - the world’s first and only mobile telecoms home monitoring device”     now your home can call you Control Monitor Protect “Smart homes alert you - but ‘Intelligent’ homes communicate” Connect Home Automation Smart Meters Home Security Mobile Networks Privacy