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© TalkingEye Limited 2013 I have two teenage daughters and worry about them all the time.  Now I would know what time they leave the house and more importantly what time they got home safely. Having this facility would encourage my girls to become more ‘time conscious’ something even my wife lacks. Mum’s always worried about visitors to our home late in the evening; especially when Dad’s away on business. Now she can relax knowing that Dad who works overseas can intercept the doorbell and get rid of any unwanted callers. My internet business is run from home.  I have many deliveries which I rely and depend on arriving on time.   This system would allow me to ensure no delveries are ever missed or taken back to a depot. Having this system would reduce stress in missed deliveries.  I would relax more and my wife and baby would be so much happier. We asked our consumers how they would use the Tecomms system and why they thought it fulfilled a need for them.  Here are just some of their responses. I am babysitter to quite a few families in my home town.  One major problem that concerns me is whether to answer the door to visitors or strangers when the parents are away.  With this system, the parents will know who rang their doorbell when they are out for the evening and I won’t ever have to worry about having to answer the door again. With an active family like ours - we ’re out and about most of the time.  This system would give us the ability to remain in control of our home remotely.  ie the many times we didn’t lock up the doors before leaving the house, or turn off the TV.   My husband thinks it would be great to have one in our holiday home in France too! With three very young toddlers to keep an eye on - every second a distraction happens can cause major accidents.  If I can avoid having to run to the front door whenever the doorbell rings - that would be a brilliant help.  It would also stop my kids from opening the door to complete strangers! Privacy