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© TalkingEye Limited 2013 “smarter” energy meters for gas, water and electricity Our Solution The key incentive to a consumer would be to enable them with a simple and secure product in which they are able to monitor and control their own energy consumption. By connecting meter reading and energy management through one hub, Tecomms users are able to take control of their consumption whilst utilities companies are able to monitor energy usage and meter readings in real time But the real benefit to the user is that Tecomms offers a lot more features as standard to empower the user to interact with and to control  their home environment. In recent market research undertaken, the features offered in Tecomms was a key trigger to purchasing considerations for the consumer.  In conclusion this was seen to support the consumers needs and lifestyle requirements. ‘Smarter Meters’ Privacy  For Utility & Energy Companies – much has been said about smart metering and the delivery of real-time meter data.  Tecomms take this one step further and both allows the utility provider to cut costs through remote metering and allows the consumer to monitor and control their usage.