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© TalkingEye Limited 2013 Security & Peace of Mind    Although Home Office crime figures indicate that domestic burglary is in decline, many people still do not feel secure in their home environment.  There are many home security products on the market, each with its own benefits, but the challenge is to develop a system that combines two or more of these individual solutions. Intruder alarms have been around for many years, but the market is moving at some speed, with new developments entering at regular intervals.  Indeed, many homes use separate systems that work independently, but there appears to be very little in the marketplace that combines these into a single product.  Always stay connected to your home – Tecomms will operate for several days if power is cut to the system    To Summarise Tecomms connects the many security devices found around the home through one home hub.   Tecomms users are able to control their home security systems via their mobile.  Tecomms for the first time adds 2-way voice connection to the front door, from anywhere in the world, and  covers the most vulnerable point of entry to the home in terms of additional security. Our Solution Through Tecomms, TalkingEye delivers an exclusive  product that complements existing security systems with additional value added services.  These services create a new and substantial revenue channel for Security companies by: Enabling users to connect to their home 24hrs a day 365 days a year.  Providing Network Connection. Users can now talk to people ringing their front doorbell when they are not there. Connecting the home user directly with your call centre via the Panic Button in emergency situations Informing users by way of Alerts and Alarms. SMS alerts are sent to the user so they can decide whether to use your security services or not, thus reducing false alarm situations. Privacy