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© TalkingEye Limited 2013 What the consumers say… An important element in our product development was an independent  consumer survey, across six consumer groups, to determine how people would react to Tecomms. Tecomms has strong appeal and interest across all age ranges, with a particularly high intention to purchase from the Empty Nesters/Grey Market.  This group accounts for 65% of UK Homeowners.” 97% expressed an intention to purchase Product concept was exceptionally popular and performed remarkably well. They were very interested in purchasing the product as it covered a particular lifestyle need that no other product in the market offered. They confirmed the features were valuable Consumers understood the device and all its functions very quickly and easily. The perceived cost was considerably more than actual cost The research also focused on both the functionality and convenience of the Tecomms product.   “I don’t have to worry about Mum answering the door in the evenings - I can do it, wherever I am.  Keeping an eye on her, using my mobile phone”. Privacy