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© TalkingEye Limited 2013 Our strong executive team  brings together the management and entrepreneurial skills of world class corporate winners”. Talking Eye – developing innovative solutions for a mobile community Talking Eye is a company dedicated to developing highly innovative solutions that work within existing mobile networks. We were incorporated in January 2006 to exploit the commercial proposition of our flagship product, 'Tecomms'. Our strong executive team brings together the management and entrepreneurial skills of world class corporate winners: The team is headed by Helen Haywood (managing director) - Previously IBM EMEA marketing manager in the communications sector, managing 21 European countries. Over 30 years experience in IT, Helen has brought numerous new products to market – a proven expert in creating Blue Sky opportunities for large corporations. Since incorporation, the company has invested more than half a million pounds in Research & Development.  Milestones achieved include: o Blanket approval from Police Constabularies and Crime Prevention o A competitor analysis that validated the uniqueness of Tecomms product features and services o An independent, in-depth consumer survey across a range of six consumer groups that confirmed a major opportunity for this patented concept o Industry approvals for business model and overall proposition o Successful proof of concept o Sourcing commercial operations and distribution partners ready for product launch in Q4 2013 o Granted patents Internationally o Working in partnership with the worlds largest Electronic OEM and Manufacturer Privacy