© TalkingEye Limited 2013 Tecomms lets people, home or away, communicate with visitors to their property and enhances home security using real-time voice-to- voice and visual communication – from their mobile. New technology, new opportunities There are plenty of ‘remote’ solutions that have already revolutionised electronic home security. All locked into fixed phone lines and the associated hassle of ADSL/broadband, routers, middleware or PCs switched on around the clock. Now, with Tecomms mobile operators can offer new branded voice-duplex security services that go way beyond lumpen-technology. Services that liberate the consumer through systems such as GSM, GPRS, Bluetooth, Wi-fi and Zigbee. Two-way talk and image capture. Smart metering and home automation. All from the mobile. Out of the box simplicity Seamless integration with existing home security and home automation devices, without the need to replace them. Tecomms is tried, tested and proven, with a strong consumer endorsement.  “From front door to anywhere in the world… the world’s first and only Mobile Telecoms Home Monitoring solution”   Operators persuade the consumer to move away from hard-wired communications to wireless technology. Privacy